Plan Your Visit

Downtown Middletown has many wonderful dining options. Here is a list of those within quick walking distance. There are lots of other choices – you’ll find them in the Downtown Directory.  We have sandwich shops, bars that serve burgers and lots of international restaurants:  Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Creative Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Spanish/Tapas, Argentinian & more.

Open Late

eli-cannonEli Cannon’s Tap Room    695 Main, 860-347-3547

Kitchen open until 1AM on Fri& Sat



krust-pizzaKRUST PIZZA BAR   686 Main, 860-358-9816

Kitchen open until 1AM on Fri & Sat


NoRA-WeHa-logo-approvedNoRA Cupcake Company   700 Main, 860-788-3150

Open until 10PM on Fri & Sat


only-naturalIt’s Only Natural Restaurant   606 Main, 860-346-9210

Kitchen open until 9PM on Fri& Sat


lan-chiLan Chi    505 Main  860-347-8885

Kitchen open until 10PM on Fri& Sat


tibetan-kitchenTibetan Kitchen    574 Main, 860-343-3073

Kitchen open until 8:40PM on Fri& Sat