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Mustard’s Retreat

October 12, 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT

We are honored to present the distinguished and beloved Mustard’s Retreat at The Buttonwood Tree. Sing along to some of your favorite songs with these veteran performers who have a wonderful personal bond spanning decades.

Mustard’s Retreat was formed in May 1975 in Ann Arbor, MI.  Libby Glover was a bartender in the rathskeller of the old Heidelberg Restaurant.   One evening a young singer came in and auditioned. The boss said to Libby “ What do you think??”  She said “ He is raw, but hire him!”  His name was David Tamulevich.

Libby had sung with bands before, and she knew and loved many of the songs David sang.  The gig was 4 hours per night, 5 nights a week…so she got to hear David sing a lot.  Pretty soon she was up doing harmonies, and as the weeks went on she sang on more and more songs.


David Tamulevich discovered a passion for folk music and playing guitar his senior year in high school in Branford, CT.  After 2 years at American University in DC he transferred to the University of Michigan, did his junior year, dropped out and was supporting himself as a cook.  That audition was his first, having only done a few open mics.

David had been doing some singing with fellow musician and cook  at the same restaurant, Michael Hough.  By the beginning of 1975 Michael was busy playing bass for another singer.  David has the gig at the Heidelberg for 2 month.  The singer Michael was playing with had an accident and could not continue performing, so David suggested to Michael that he audition at the Old Heldelberg.  Michael did, and got the job.  Over the next 2 months David would come and sit in with Michael, and then Libby would come up to sing…and their popularity grew. By the middle of May 1975 they were playing together all the time, and decided to formalize  things…and Mustard’s Retreat was born.

They played together for a couple of years before Libby moved out of state.  Michael and David kept going as Mustard’s Retreat, and had decades of success.  Libby would pop in every once in a while when she got back to MI and sing with them.

Moving forward to 2016, and Libby had moved back to MI.  They started singing together as a trio again,  and it was like they had never been apart.  “ it was exciting to have everything fall into place: Libby has always been that good…. and we have such a history…it is a lot of fun as well!,” exclaimed David.

Michael is dealing with a family medical issue and is unavailable for shows that are not close to home.  They all agreed that David & Libby should do the upcoming concerts ( except the local gigs which they will do as a trio) until  Michael gets things sorted out.  As sorry they are that Michael cannot perform some of the shows with them, David & Libby are very excited about singing as a duo again. “ We really have not done this since early 1975,” David says.  “ We are totally enjoying  the singing and  putting  shows together: some old songs, some new ones…it is all a joy!”

Simple Faith, from Rolling Hills Radio 3/18/2019…also fan version, not official version ( has not been released yet)

Rolling Hills Radio, Jamestown, NY


“Mustard’s Retreat played to an enthusiastic crowd at the Indy Folk Series. David Tamulevich and Libby Glover charmed everyone with their songs and stories. Fine guitar picking, coupled with beautiful harmonies, carried the evening. Libby shined with her accapela songs and unique poems, she commands the stage. We had great comments about them from the audience, a tribute to their talent.”

From Bound For Glory, Ithaca NY

“Through the years, Mustard’s Retreat has performed on WVBR’s Bound for Glory. Michael Hough and David Tamulevich made magic for us all. Then Libby Glover joined them with a lovely smile and sweet harmonies. Well, Michael Hough couldn’t make it this Winter, so David and Libby did the show together, just the two of them. And, yes, it worked. And, yes, it worked very, very well. Everyone in the live audience really warmed to what they were doing, and sang along on just about everything. What sparkle!!!!!”

Columbus Folk Music Society

If you’re thinking of hiring the new abbreviated version of Mustard’s Retreat but you feel a little hesitation about it, let me tell you about our experience.

For more than a decade, we at the Columbus Folk Music Society had enjoyed hearing in person the long-time Mustard’s Retreat duo, featuring Michael Hough and David Tamulevich.  We loved them so much, we invited them nearly every year for either one of our monthly coffeehouses or our annual folk festival or a special concert.

This year, with Michael remaining in Ann Arbor to care for a loved one, we knew we were going to hear a new version of Mustard’s — with David and Libby Glover ( who actually sang with Michael and David back in the 1970’s).  To be frank, we worried that it just wouldn’t be the same old Mustard’s Retreat we had grown to know and love.  And, it wasn’t.

But our worries were unfounded.  Because this new version of Mustard’s was outstanding.  Libby isn’t Michael, but she’s her own great musician.  She brought different harmonies to Mustard’s great repertoire.  She brought her own brand of enthusiasm and energy.  She brought her own brand of humor.  And she and David shared their own special chemistry on stage.  We were moved.  We were energized.  We were fascinated.  And we were engaged.



October 12, 2019
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT