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CC Arshagra’s Art Exhibition

April 4, 2019 - April 30, 2019

Come see the veteran poet, author, publisher & producer’s two new collections: “We Are the Arrival of Love” & “The C.C. Arshagra Quotes Project”, and a few historic and select works. CC’s visual voice will be here speaking to you through your individual eyes and into your unique personal view. The original, new, and historic works’ prices will range from numbers with commas to as low as a 5 spot for art prints, 5×7 “Quote Project” pieces on canvas panels, collectable art on cards and original drawings. Collectors and art lovers do not want to miss this veteran artist’s birthing solo art exhibit as a visual artist, with most work never seen before in public. This exhibit contains the 1 st and 2 nd of CC’s unreleased gallery collections, works created over the last few years and more.

Gallery Reception to be held on April 7th

NOTE: Hopefully there will be a big surprise, literally hot off the press. The Buttonwood Tree Performance Art Space and Gallery is one of CC’s most beloved venues on earth and he is grateful to the good community-minded folks there for welcoming his visual and performance art during April, National Poetry month.


About the Artist-

“Writing a blip of a biography is almost impossible. I live; I have lived a profound life. I have long ago chosen the ideal of love, and unparalleled benevolence, a journey of transcendence that lives breath-by-breath. All is lesson and gratitude as inhalation is gifted to you, comes a choice to be the freed releasing of all malevolent prisons of dichotomies, all over survival and so-called reality. You are art. Some of us are both cursed and then blessed by art’s call. The path from one to the other forever ends and is ever new again. It may well be an uncompromising one with no promise. Alone a soul guiding principle may unselfishly lift you, and too leave you deaf and blind and crippled only to hear and see, and walk again. No Avenue of reward is here by the measure of you against other that does not begin and end with you against yourself. The canvas. The blank page, your thought’s next act, the freedom to question who, what, when, where, how, and why anything moves your mind, your pen, your brush, your hands; your life. You are in the end in competition with no one. In essence you may be a threat to any known form of order afraid to die. The arts are not a haven from any or all fear-based reality. Yet the dream of living the artist in us all… that’s a kind of courage that draws teeth and claws to your sense of life, and though it may appear as admiration; it can as easily be what draws others to you, to kill you or kill for you and make this hunger nothing more than a feeding. The question asked here is, ‘Is the creation of your survival over your survival over love?’ The answer in the name of never harming love itself is: “It’s not about me.” No more than a blip of a bio is about who you are or who you ever were. The walls between mediums, genres, disciplines, styles, forms and techniques are just a multitude of ways to see beauty, hope, air, water and home where there seems none. So you create. As I do, as I fear not that I will die someday. I will not live to serve fear. I work to leave a body of gratitude. Honestly. Critically. I might live to just ever create art that illuminates nothing more than what is wrong. This includes, of course, all I do, say, or leave to be my success is a true lesson in failure. Still I live to be gratitude and when gone a work of art, perhaps a teacher of falling grace. Regardless, I will not harm love. And only the soul of your freed listening and insight can ever see, hear & resonate with any work of art without being told to like it, love it, copy it, own it like a slaver, or value it more than love lives. Today I am here with what is to be some of my life leavings to date, here for your vision to face within your own minds. I aim not to entertain, please, win approval at any soul cost, or to agitate anyone for agitation’s pleasure. My Artist-Statement could be all of humankind’s bio-statement. One beyond any victory over any other, or for the stay of fear’s safe ego, won alone by the denial of how you serve fear and the chosen privilege to ignore the harm it causes. We are artist all cultural inventions, benevolence unchained, movement unharnessed as behavior’s group slavers, we are improvisational as play as in you play ’with you’ as you wish others to play fair with all. We are the communication arts of all dimensions of sound, silent, vibration, and frequency never weaponized. We are transformational and ever questioning, we are sacred intuitiveness, peace, creativity of being, profound honesty, humility, the playfulness of humility, and humors true friend.”


April 4, 2019
April 30, 2019