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ONLINE: Anything Goes Open Mic & Moments of Gratitude – Kyla

June 29 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT


Hosted by Ashley Hamel, the Rob and Terri Duo, Bill Katz, or Kyla. Sign up starts at 6:30pm, the open mic at 7:00pm and goes to about 10:00pm. $5 for entry.

At 8:00pm, during the open mic, we host Moments of Gratitude from 8:00pm – 8:15pm. Sharing our gratitude to build positive energy and encouragement!

Bios for hosts

Ashley Hamel

A popular staple of the Middletown Arts scene, Ashley Hamel is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, improv comedian, and wizard rockstar (Harry Potter fan music). With a background in theatre and improv comedy, Ashley delivers audience-centric performances that entertain and aim to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves.

Rob and Terri Duo

The Terri and Rob Duo is made up of Terri Lachance  and Rob Desorbo. Terri is a singer songwriter who has been writing songs all her life and plays guitar. Rob plays bass  guitar and provides vocals.. He has played with many area bands including Eran Troy Danner,  The Redliners and Snakebite

Bill Katz

Bill Katz is an art dealer by trade and owns a picture framing business. Bill has given up on being a human and his feline metamorphosis is complete. He now answers to Catman Bill

Kyla Pitruzzello

Kyla, with her raspy vocal that is surprisingly crystal clear at times is accompanied by her rhythmic driven, reverb filled, acoustic guitar. Her songwriting and performances are raw and unfiltered. Many moons ago she lived a unfulfilling life managing a molecular services laboratory, spending her days mulling over data trying to make sense of it all. Since making her exodus from the world of genomics, Kyla now focuses on the science of living her life, fully, musically, creatively, and without regret. A self proclaimed, spiritually influenced, naturalist, her greatest desire is to live as a vagabond with a home address.
Also a photographer in training, she has traveled around the world with a camera taking pictures of all its beauty and its changes. An individual who worked for years in the field of science, she believes climate change is real and politicians are not the ones who are going to save us. This perspective can be seen in the lyrics of many of her songs, expressing the dire need for humanity change its way of life.
She released her Debut album “Life Lessons Part I: Earth and Fire” in October 2011. Dividing her songs into categories based on the 4 elements, she took on Earth and Fire first. The album begins with Earth. Songs like “Collide” and “Lost” show her long lost search for a home, and ‘Beautiful World” a plea for the people of the world to go outside and see for themselves that the Earth speaks to us. From Earth, she moves onto Fire with songs like “Contamination”, “Don’t Turn Around”, and “A Lie”. She explores the powerful forces that have shaped our current lives and will determine our future. Speaking to the importance of communication and understanding with clarity, her lyrics are a powerful reminder that things around us are not always as they seem, but the truth is there hiding in-between the lies.
Having already written songs that take on the last two elements, she hopes start recording her second album soon. A water sign, she is undoubtedly influenced by the current state of the Oceans and the dwindling supply of clean drinkable water. With songs like “Plastic” and “Be Alive” she hopes to convey a message to humanity, that we are at a crossroads and it is time to wake up.
Zoom Meeting Information
“Doors” open around 6:00

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June 29
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT